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As some of you may have seen in the Sunday Lynx yesterday, there’s a new link-up in town: Mighty Mommy Mondays! While the host is focusing primarily on an athletic goal – swimming fifty miles – their focus is to encourage bloggers who are hoping to make changes that will have an effect on their health regardless of what “area” of life that involves. Whether it’s being more intentional with your meal planning, getting out there and starting a workout regimen, remembering to take your vitamins, or just getting your family out to the park on a more regular basis, they’d like to help uplift and keep you accountable.

Now, what are my goals? Well, aside from my reading goals for 2014 – which, I have to say, I believe counts toward the idea of mental health – I’ve got a few others, and I might as well throw them up here on the blog.

1. Make stretches and exercises that promote diastasis healing a daily habit. A lot of mamas find that they have diastasis after they’ve borne children, and many of them are far more severe than mine (which, last I checked, was only about a 2.5), but I would like to heal this so that I can focus on the exercises that I used to do pre-baby, such as pushups, crunches, et cetera, which are all exercises that are not recommended when you’ve got diastasis.

2. Transition my sons and I to the Full GAPS diet. This one may prove interesting; we’ve been gluten-free since I received the diagnosis of non-celiac gluten-intolerant in February 2012, and dairy-free for the last four weeks in preparation for going on GAPS. I’ve wanted to try the GAPS diet for healing my food intolerances and the constant battle I have with candida, as well as to see if it would help my older son’s digestive issues and sensory processing issues, but what with cooking for extended family while we lived in their home, I knew it wasn’t going to happen until I had my own kitchen again. Now that we’ve closed on our new home and are preparing to move in, it can finally happen!

3. Build food stores. This one goes back to reading Independence Daysand the goals she lays out, to try to do one of the following things each day: plant something, harvest something, preserve something, minimize waste, want not, cook something new, manage your reserves, and work on local food systems. Frankly, this goal falls primarily into the last two categories. I first want to build my reserves, but in doing so, I want to try to work within the local food system, stay within a limited budget, and maintain a GAPS diet – which means your typical “storage foods,” such as whole wheat grains and canned beans, won’t work for us. We’ll see just how well we can tweak this. That was my biggest qualm with her book; the section on “special diets” focused primarily on the needs of pregnant women and infants. To my mind, those aren’t special diets… they are seasons of life. There’s a difference, don’t you think?

4. Plant a garden. This is sort-of a sub-goal to #2 and #3, in a way. Or perhaps they are sub-goals of #4. Chicken and the egg, right? Regardless, planting (and harvesting!) a garden this next year will go a long way in  a) reducing our grocery bill, b) consuming healthier foods, and c) staying active. Because it’s a little hard to plant, weed, and harvest if you’re sitting inside, ye ken?

So what about you? What are your goals to increase and/or promote health for your family this year?

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