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To a child, a mountain of toys is more than something to trip over. It’s a topographical map of their emerging worldview. The mountain, casting a large symbolic shadow, means “I can choose this toy, or that, or this one way down here, or that: They are all mine! But there are so many that none of them have value. I must want something else!” This worldview shapes their emotional landscape as well; children given so very many choices learn to undervalue them all, and hold out – always – for whatever elusive thing isn’t offered. “


  – Kim John Payne, M. ED., in Simplicity Parenting

Hm. Is he talking about children and their toys, or adults in our society as a whole?

(What’s that, you say? Those children grow up to become those adults? Well, why didn’t I think of that?)


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Murphy’s Law of Tomatoes
All of your green tomatoes will ripen during the week that you are vacationing with your in-laws three states away. Because that’s how they roll. Err… ripen.

(I’ll let you know how well this law plays out when we return from the ocean.)

How about you? What “Murphy’s Law” of gardening have you discovered this year?

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