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Things are finally melting around here, which means the mothers and kids are finally able to get out and about and explore the pasture. I took the opportunity to snap some pictures today, and I thought I would share a few with you!

BamBam (50%Boer/50%Kiko), a coming yearling buck

Aiketgate Annabelle (50%Boer/50%Kiko), one of this year's doe kids, trundling across the pasture

Red of Aiketgate, a grade Boer doe, keeping watch on the group

Oreo (75%Kiko/12.5%Spanish/12.5%Boer) on the left, and Annabelle (50%Boer/50%Kiko) on the right

Sarah and Annabelle (50%Boer/50%Kiko sisters) in the foreground, while Rosie (Spanish/Boer mix doe) and her two kids (Moses and Nadine, 50%Kiko/25%Boer/25%Spanish) repose in the background

Spice is allways on the watch...

Rosie and her twins (Moses and Nadine, 50%Kiko/25%Boer/25%Spanish) take an opportunity to soak in some sunshine...

Hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them. 🙂


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I had every intention of naming this little one “Sparrow” because it just sounded more feminine than calling her “The Pirate” … and it has pirate connotations, via Jack Sparrow… but every time I think of her, I automatically call her “The Pirate” in my mind due to her “eye patch” markings, so… I’m giving up. She’s The Pirate. We have a cat here on the farm called The Troll, so I suppose we can have a goat kid named The Pirate. She is the last of the kids for this season, born on Sunday, March 13th, to the coming yearling Boer/Kiko doe, Aiketgate Chamomile. This makes her 75% Kiko, 25% Boer. She is such a cutie… and I just love her markings!

It was a little difficult to get a picture of her where she wasn’t flying across the screen, as she’s a very active little thing, but I did my best…

She paused for a moment to eye the camera, but the shot still came out a little fuzzy...


And finally... she held still. For a moment. 😉

Isn’t she darling? (Or perhaps I’m just biased.)

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As you may have guessed, things have been a bit busy around here… hence my absence. However, I did want to share with you some pictures that I was able to take of our latest – and last for the kidding season – new arrivals! The first is a black and white doe kid born to our Aiketgate Daisy on February 27th. I have decided to call her Holly. She has turned out to be quite a feisty little bairn!

Enjoy the pictures… my apologies for the washed-out/wonky eye color… my flash isn’t the greatest, and when I tried to use the red-eye setting in Picnik to fix them, it made them look like they had human eyes… which was just weird.  😛

Presenting... Aiketgate Holly!

She's a sharp little thing...

Neither her nor her mother were incredibly enthused about the sounds and flashing light from the camera...

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